from the trenches

The Best Spring/Fall Cleaning Products

Last night I lay awake for a long time thinking about an unusual subject: Fall Cleaning my house. My poor, poor house. It has not been fall cleaned in much, much longer than either I or it care to admit.

I thought about flies that die and linger in light fixtures.
I thought about dust bunnies and miscellaneous little things that gather and fall behind beds.
I thought about crickets and mice. And spiders. And what if I met one in a dark corner?
I thought about the corner behind the toilet.
I thought about closet floors and closet shelves – the very back corners where the light don’t shine.

See, I’m an animal lover. I just don’t like cleaning animals. Or, more specifically, insects, rodents and dust bunnies.

So I thought and I shuddered. And I knew why it’s easier to push fall cleaning out of my mind than actually push a mop, vacuum cleaner or rag.

It’s because I don’t have some much-needed cleaning supplies. I have some of the little basics. I have cleaning cloths, paper towel, a vacuum cleaner and some bottles filled with cleaners.
But I don’t have the important stuff.

I don’t have:

Product Details
Full Body Suit and Mask

Product Details
Shop Vac

Product Details
Extendible Window Squeegee
Product Details
Pressure Washer

Product Details
Foam Sprayer

I don’t know about you but it just seems like fall cleaning would be so much more bearable with at least the hazmat suit. The rest I could probably get by without if I had to.

You can call me OCD or whatever you want but it just seems safer, doesn’t it?

Now I know you might be thinking that my house is really dirty or something. It’s not. I promise.
But still. Those dark corners.

I’m still pondering the possibility of fall cleaning my house perhaps later this fall or early next year.
Maybe you can help me out. Do you have a hazmat suit? If not, how do you make fall cleaning work for you? 


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