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Cozy-At-Home Christmas Inspiration

Many of us are facing an unusually quiet Christmas this year, with many (if not all) social events and travel plans canceled or postponed. For us, the Christmas holidays look like they’re shaping up to be a cozy at-home time. Instead of thinking about all we’re missing out on this year, I want to make… Continue reading Cozy-At-Home Christmas Inspiration

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#This One Thing: All I Need is a Snake Plant

Sometimes gratitude comes easily. Sometimes it doesn’t. There are times I see the people and things I love and this great, bubbly feeling of ‘how-could-I-be-so-lucky’ springs up. The coloring sky behind the maple trees just beyond my kitchen window. My loud but happy family. And an iced pumpkin cookie sitting before me. Everything is perfect,… Continue reading #This One Thing: All I Need is a Snake Plant

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What Inspired You In The Past? Does It Still?

“What has inspired you in the past, before you were a mother? Do these things still inspire you and, if so, would you like to add more of them into your life?” Occasionally, I enjoy picking a random writing prompt for an inspiration springboard. Here’s one I followed loosely. However, I haven’t yet pinpointed something… Continue reading What Inspired You In The Past? Does It Still?

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Are Clean Kitchens Overrated?

Some nights after spending a gorgeous evening outside, I’m met squarely with a cluttered kitchen and dirty dishes. Like tonight. The temperature was that lovely just-between mix of summer day and fall evening. Kev rototilled. I puttered around the garden. Gleeful shouts and laughter floated from the trampoline’s direction. The wind died away, leaving a… Continue reading Are Clean Kitchens Overrated?

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What We Lose in Flowers, We Gain in Fruit: My Back-to-School Wish

“Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits.” – Samuel Butler Shopping pencils and pens, sweaters and jeans. Making lunches and long car pool runs. Crisp sunny days, frost hanging on night air, Geese in the sky, combines in the fields. Fall is a cozy time… Continue reading What We Lose in Flowers, We Gain in Fruit: My Back-to-School Wish

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Miracle or Common Occurrence?

“Nothing is worth more than this day,” my calendar shouts, quoting Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. “You cannot relive yesterday. Tomorrow is still beyond your reach.” I need the reminder. In a world of cares, it’s often necessary to open the blinds and draw back the curtains that hinder my sight. A typical day finds me… Continue reading Miracle or Common Occurrence?

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How to Throw A Mommy & Me Tea Party in Ten Minutes or Less

Are you looking for super-simple ideas for your youngsters these days? Allow me to suggest throwing a Mom & Me Tea Party! It’s something fun I occasionally like to do with my littles; they love it. The best part is that you get a lot of mileage out of very little effort.  Tea Parties are a great impromptu… Continue reading How to Throw A Mommy & Me Tea Party in Ten Minutes or Less

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What is Spiritual Friendship?

Spiritual friendship? What does that even mean? The book description of Becoming Gertrude: How Our Friendships Shape Our Faith by Janice Peterson said the author “uses the term spiritual friendship to capture this idea of journeying with others through life, sharing experiences and wisdom and seeking God together.” Curious, I read the book and found… Continue reading What is Spiritual Friendship?

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What Makes A Meaningful Christmas Celebration?

The countdown to Christmas is on. It can be a fraught time, trying to navigate all the holiday expectations. My want-to-do list is practically limitless, although I only get a fraction of it done. There are Christmas cards and letters (preferably personal) to send, Christmas decor to put up inside and out, fun little DIYs,… Continue reading What Makes A Meaningful Christmas Celebration?

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A New Way to Look at Privilege

Do you consider yourself privileged? What does a life of privilege look like? I was privileged to grow up in a Christian home with Christian parents. I’m privileged to be happily married with three children and live on a small farm. But why shouldn’t I be? Shouldn’t everyone be so privileged? Is there something wrong… Continue reading A New Way to Look at Privilege