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What is Spiritual Friendship?

Spiritual friendship? What does that even mean? The book description of Becoming Gertrude: How Our Friendships Shape Our Faith by Janice Peterson said the author “uses the term spiritual friendship to capture this idea of journeying with others through life, sharing experiences and wisdom and seeking God together.” Curious, I read the book and found… Continue reading What is Spiritual Friendship?

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A New Way to Look at Privilege

Do you consider yourself privileged? What does a life of privilege look like? I was privileged to grow up in a Christian home with Christian parents. I’m privileged to be happily married with three children and live on a small farm. But why shouldn’t I be? Shouldn’t everyone be so privileged? Is there something wrong… Continue reading A New Way to Look at Privilege

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It Was An Ordinary Day

It was just another ordinary day. The sun shone, the grass was tall enough to need mowing even though I had just mowed it, the world was still fresh from recent rains, the weeds and dandelions were growing faster than I could take care of them. The garden needed to be planted before the children… Continue reading It Was An Ordinary Day

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Sometimes Service Isn’t What We Think It Is

I’ve had a number of tired, uninspired days lately. Maybe it’s the grey of November, maybe it’s a lack of exercise, maybe it’s well, anything! In any case, some of my days have seemed less than wildly successful. One of these quiet dull days I happened across this verse in my Bible: “With good will… Continue reading Sometimes Service Isn’t What We Think It Is

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What To Do When Your Day (Or Life) Doesn’t Seem Successful

I was having one of those days that I and my mom friends call “not very prosperous”. Really I would’ve used a stronger term than that to describe it. I was so, so uninspired and wasting time with tiny distractions: googling this, reading that, thinking about this work I needed to do and cleaning up… Continue reading What To Do When Your Day (Or Life) Doesn’t Seem Successful

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What Ifs For Overwhelmed Moms

Just like a brand new notebook that has never been opened, so a baby’s mind, too, is pristine and new when they are born, ready to receive thoughts and impressions and all that the world brings their way. As each of us grows to maturity, the collections of our lives can be built into a… Continue reading What Ifs For Overwhelmed Moms