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It Was An Ordinary Day

It was just another ordinary day.

The sun shone, the grass was tall enough to need mowing even though I had just mowed it, the world was still fresh from recent rains, the weeds and dandelions were growing faster than I could take care of them.

The garden needed to be planted before the children completely excavated the freshly rototilled ground, birds sang from newly green branches.

Goldfinches gathered at the feeder, ticks found their way onto the dog and the kittens grew a little bigger each day.

Inside the house, it was rather ordinary too.

The floors had a small crumb collection and a couple sticky spots, the table had some pieces of children’s art scattered on it along with several of my books and papers.

Fresh lilac blooms added beauty and fragrance while a few of their dried petals collected beneath the vase, dirty dishes were stacked beside the sink, a few pieces of leftover cake sat on the far counter tempting me and bright yellow bananas and cherry red tomatoes sat nearby.

The bathroom didn’t smell the freshest despite having been cleaned fairly recently but at least the garbage cans weren’t overflowing.

Several pairs of flips and rubber boots lined the wall near the door, the washing machine hummed along and the dryer squeaked occasionally as the clothes tossed back and forth.

The beds were made, toys were scattered across the living room floor, several books were stacked on the coffee table and beside the open laptop.

A little girl’s dress hung on the back of a chair and another on the children’s bedroom door handle.

It was another ordinary day. A day that would never come again.

A chance to live and love and breathe in the wonder of the moment. A day to embrace the imperfectly perfect here and now.

To see the wonder amid the everyday.

To see the flowers too, not just the toys and crumbs.
To see goldfinch, not just dandelions.
To appreciate empty garbage cans, not just cleared counter tops.
To note the clean clothes and not just the dirty laundry piles.
To hear robins and not just a squeaky dryer.
To see beauty and magic and blessing and wonder.
Not just work and to do lists and piles and clutter.

It was a prefectly ordinary day but a perfectly amazing opportunity to build a beautiful life, one ordinary moment at a time.


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