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What Inspired You In The Past? Does It Still?

“What has inspired you in the past, before you were a mother? Do these things still inspire you and, if so, would you like to add more of them into your life?”

Occasionally, I enjoy picking a random writing prompt for an inspiration springboard. Here’s one I followed loosely. However, I haven’t yet pinpointed something which inspired me before motherhood but no longer does. Can you?

Maybe the focus isn’t changing inspirations. Perhaps it should be whether we include these things as intentionally as we might. Do we surround ourselves with inspiration or just drift along? Should we more actively seek inspiration sources?

I don’t have solid answers, but I do have things that inspire me!

Beauty is the first thing that pops into mind. I love it in its many forms: person, place or thing.

Nature is another inspiration, but perhaps it’s synonymous with beauty? The natural world, after all, is one never-ending series of detailed beauty. God has placed so many stunning scenes throughout earth. He has made plants and animals—not to mention humans—with such intricate design. He’s also given humanity the ability to create astounding beauty. What could be more inspiring?

Of course, family and friends are right up there on my list of inspirations. Shared childhood memories, sense of humor, likes and dislikes, dreams, phobias, and dysfunctions inspire laughter, if not love.

Travel is invigorating. I love the bold colors, smells, and sounds of foreign cultures. I love majestic scenery that’s new to my eyes. In fact, many new things inspire me: new tastes, new people, friends, towns and countries, new ideas.

Likewise, I’m inspired by the old. Old people with their quiet wisdom and humor. Old favorite memories. Olden days. Old houses and home places.

I admire people who’ve lived through hardships and come out better for it.

People who better the world by shining brightly in their little corner are also my inspiration. As are those who fearlessly fight for the world’s orphaned, malnourished, poverty-stricken, homeless, and enslaved souls.

I’m inspired by authentic, out-of-the-box people, by happy-go-lucky folks, and those who don’t follow the crowd. Same goes for kind, charming, witty, indecisive, talented, creative, or messy people and those who laugh at themselves instead of others. Also inspiring are the friends who have it all together and the dear ones who are just as anxiety-prone, scatterbrained and forgetful as I. 

Creating beauty through words is another inspiration. In fact, creating beauty in any way is, whether it’s drawing, designing a flowerpot or shrub bed, remodeling, redecorating, or putting together a vignette or home-cooked dish.

Things that delight the senses also inspire: restaurants with exquisite food and ambiance, hot baths and a delightful book, a rain-fresh world at sunrise, springtime flowers, birds and Easter Sunday. Further inspirations include: stunning sunsets enjoyed from the comfort of my cozy, candle-lit home, blinding sun reflecting off snow Christmas morning, and laughing uncontrollably with my children. 

I’m inspired by gorgeous illustrations, doodle art, picture books, well-written historical novels and encouraging books. The same goes for cheerful writing paper, journals, and pretty, fine-point pens.

I’m inspired by hard workers. Many times, these are people who’ve never become rich by local standards. They include grandparents and people throughout history who sacrificed immeasurably. They are usually common people, their names and faces known by few.

Farming, especially in the form of family farms, is an inspiration to me. I admire the art and skill of animal and plant husbandry. Likewise, I admire the skilled craftsmanship evidenced by talented carpenters.

Dreams for myself, my family and the future are motivating. Strong marriages and close-knit families are always an inspiration, too.

And so are the delights of campfires, waking up feeling rested, and finding things in favorite shades of aqua, royal blue or red. Then there are garage sale bargains, local history, farmhouse charm, homemade applesauce, and fresh garden produce. 

The animal kingdom has plenty of inspiration all its own: deer, moose, fox, squirrels, meadowlarks. Not to mention newborn lambs, calves, sleek black horses, six-week-old kittens and family dogs.

Last but far from least, Bible verses give me inspiration, particularly God’s promises. So do faith, and most especially, Jesus and His unending grace, abiding peace, and sacrificial, all-encompassing love.

And now, tell me; what inspires you?


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