looking ahead

When You Only Have 365 Days Left to Prepare Your Child For School

In honor of a new school year beginning everywhere and new teachers teaching, parents sending off a child for the first time, and brand-new students anxiously starting off to school, I offer my hearty and heartfelt wishes for a wonderful first day and week.

May the year ahead be a truly delightful one.

School here began today. The private school I attended as a child is the same one we plan to send our daughter to next year.

It feels weird just saying that but it’s true. I’m not sure how I got this old! 

I’m not sure how it’s possible I have a daughter who’s remotely near school age. Or how the twists and turns of life find me living here again/still/yet so close to “home”!

Melancholy, practicality, overwhelm and enthusiasm all converge into one big nameless emotion when I think of how I have just one year (only 365 days, I’m telling you!!) to help prepare my daughter for school – for oh, it seems like all of life even maybe! (!)

In one year’s time she’ll spend less than half her waking hours at home with me. Fully 55% of her time will be spent with other people than myself.

For many mamas who’ve had children in daycare and preschool since their littles were wee tiny, my five (almost six) years at home with my daughter may seem like a distant dream.

Which reminds me how fortunate I am and how very quickly I take it for granted.

This coming year as we spend our days together – all day, every day – I want to be more intentional about the time we share together.

So many moments throughout the past few years it seems, have been too full of me sighing in frustration and wishing away the time I have to be at home – all day, every day – with little children who need me constantly.

But now I see just a bit more clearly how fleeting this time is. Yes, it’s so cliche, that statement “it goes so fast” is over-used and annoying. Yet what says it better? That’s just the problem. It’s too true!

So while we count the days down, starting at 365 today, here’s some things I want to do as the days go by:

– consciously remember that this time IS fleeting; I won’t always have a 5-year-old daughter wanting stories or asking me to play with her just when I’m sitting down to have “my” time or do “my” things
intentionally seek out ways to learn to know my daughter better; to affirm who she is and was created to be and to instill an unshakable understanding of how much she is loved
be more consistent, be more diligent with training her; soon, soon, she’ll answer to somebody other than me and I want her to be prepared… school and more – all of life – is just around the corner
spend more time in playful pursuits; less seriousness, less frustration, more joy, more laughter, more fun
more purposefully instill in her Godly wisdom and character training

No, I still won’t get it all perfect. That’s a guarantee. Because nobody does. But I want to do it better. Because that’s something we can all do.

Good-bye, Day #365! Hello, Day #364! Here’s to a bright, beautiful day spent together – trying my best and getting up again when I fall down. 


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