walk of faith

What Ifs for the Wounded

What if God really does love you?
What if someone truly cares about your pain?
What if five people are praying for you right now?
What if they want to help but God asks them to help in a way you can’t see now?
What if those who’ve wounded you are feeling remorse and regret for their unkindness to you?
What if every one you meet is fighting a hard battle too?
What if their carefully hidden pain is as great as yours?
What if the enemy of our souls knows that area where you are too strong for him but they aren’t?
What if you were just strong enough to say “God, show me how to touch someone else’s heart today?”
What if He gave you courage to admit “I might have been wrong?”
What if He helped you summon enough mercy to say, “I forgive you?” for the seventy-sixth time?
What if He gave you unspeakable peace during the conflict?
What if He called on you to lead the army out to the battlefield?
What if He asked you to stay home because He needed your help somewhere else?
What if at this very moment an army of angels is getting their armor on and picking up their shields to stand guard around you during the next onslaught from the devil?
What if you asked God to show you just one step ahead right now?
What if you asked him to lead the next step after that?
What if you said, “Help me try?”
What if God held you in His arms and rocked you while you cried?
What if He sang you to sleep while the storm raged outside?
What if you woke up and God had already taken care of your to-do list?
What if the gift that awaits you is beyond your wildest dreams?
What if you can see a sliver of that gift in the silver lining of tomorrow’s cloud?

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