walk of faith

Have You Prayed for Courage in Your Faith?

“What a beautiful idea,” I thought as I read the Hello Mornings Bible Study on women of the Bible. After reading through the account of Abigail, Nabal and David, the study asked us to reflect on what situations we might need to seek God’s guidance and provision for today. Then we were encouraged to pray for courage in our faith (remembering God cares about details).

How inspiring! What if, instead of asking one more time in shaky faith, I prayed in excited enthusiasm about what God can do? Wouldn’t my prayers sound less like begging and more like working together with the Lord?

“Yes, Lord, that’s exactly what I want: Courage. Vision. Faith! I want to quit asking You for stuff like a child whining again for candy. I want to be enthused! I want to be filled with wonder and excitement, remembering You can do anything! Anything at all!

To begin with, I know it is such a small thing for You to help me train my child today. Please send me inspiration to help disciple my child for You! I know You are ready and eager to help us. I’m excited to see what You’re going to do with this child and how You’ll turn this challenging situation into something beautiful.

Sometimes we get bogged down with little problems that look big to us. We need a financial solution or healing or something that to us seems nearly impossible. And here, while we’re discouraged and bumbling about, You’ve got an amazing answer all ready. Sure, we can’t see the whole plan yet but we know Your plan is nothing short of miraculous! I want to remember that bringing in several thousand dollars or providing a miracle cure is everyday work to You – the God who moves mountains, walks on water, parts the seas and multiplies food!

For that matter, giving me grace to get through my day or helping me change my attitude is just as important to You as the ‘big stuff’. My admissions of weakness, fear and doubt never surprise You. My little life is big in Your eyes! You have plans for me. You care! It matters to You if my sewing project turned out. You notice that I’m feeling draggy and uninspired today. You care that I’m tired of my clutter! Yes, these teeny things matter to You! 

So today, Lord, please help me remember to have courage in my faith! Help me to be bold when I approach You with my little problems, remembering that You care about me and that You’ve got it all figured out ahead of time – before I even ask.

In Jesus’ Name,


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