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I’m Blessed Because of These 7 Things

Think of it for a minute–seven blessings in your life. How do you choose a mere seven? 

When my writing group was assigned this topic I knew it would be difficult to single out seven from a practically never-ending list. So I decided to challenge myself to find the blessings in seven things I often forget to count as blessings

Maybe I’m stretching things a bit by saying I’m blessed because of these but I think not. 

All these inconveniences and struggles are blessings in disguise. They remind me to take note of good things more often and they make Heaven seem all the more attractive.

Here’s my list of blessings, in no particular order:

1. The pain of moving. Because it means I have something good to move from. If there weren’t so many good things to leave behind, what kind of past and memories would I have? 

2. The discomfort of financial struggle. Because it teaches me many things, such as gratitude for the things we can afford–so much more than millions enjoy–and finding contentment in less-than-perfect situations.

3. The distance between family and friends. Because we can go visit. Because it broadens our horizons and gives us new people to meet and new places to go and reminds us not to take things so for granted when we are together.

4. Health issues. Because it reminds us that life and good health are precious gifts. And I don’t take it quite as for granted as I used to.

5. My messy house. A messy house means there is life and things happening. These days it usually means I have three busy healthy children and a life full to the brim of friends and family. 

6. Unmowed grass. Because obviously I am not living in a high rise apartment in a concrete jungle somewhere. Plus I am not hopelessly bored, with nothing to do but ride my mower in endless circles, pleasant as that may look some days!

7. Children’s squabbles. Because I have three perfect, healthy children who are growing and learning. Because it stretches me, makes me grow too as I learn to deal with them and my own limitations and failings.

Tell me: what are seven blessings in your life? List the first things that come to mind and share them in the comments!


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