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How to Say Thank You at Easter

It’s Good Friday, the day Jesus died to redeem a fallen race and more specifically, one woman who is perpetually struggling to get organized, be more patient with her children and become less of a perfectionist.

It’s a day that I struggle once again to comprehend the magnitude of what He suffered on my behalf. My mind wants to skip over the horrifying details while my heart whispers thank you.

All the while I have no idea what He really, truly went through. And I’m guessing I never will.

There’s one word in the English language that might begin to capture a tiny part of this sacrifice He made for me.

It’s called cherished.

To suffer so much and – the most remarkable part – so humbly and completely free of anger and defenses, can only be because He cherished someone so infinitely and completely that the love overwhelmed fear and pain.

That someone was me.
And you too.

So how do we ever begin to say thank you to Someone like that?

Is anything available to any of us that could even start to convey true gratitude?

I can’t think of anything that says it better than returning such a love with our own best love.

A love that says “You are cherished.”

And what better way to show Him than by cherishing the ones dearest to us?

For today and for every day of our lives, let’s take a moment to step beyond the petty grievances of our days, out past the restricting confines of our small-mindedness.

Let’s take a moment to enter a different and lovelier world, to breathe in the beauty and wonder of what is here and now. To stop and truly see with new eyes all that is and lies before us.

See our lives for what they truly are: cherished.


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