looking ahead

Four Things I’m Looking Forward To In Heaven

Almost exactly one month after the day we thought we lost our three cats, we truly did say good-bye to one. Several days ago one of our cats became extremely sick suddenly and had to be euthanized.

This lead to conversations about Heaven with my five-year-old. It’s been a sad but good teaching moment, a chance to think of and dream about the splendor of Heaven.

I’d already been thinking a lot about Heaven lately; thinking especially of all the things we’ll never again worry about when we’re there.

I believe the Bible is clear that those who are saved will have a home in Heaven. We don’t know much about what Heaven will actually be like but we do know there won’t be any tears, sorrow, sadness or pain there. 

Neither will there will be darkness or night; God himself will be the light and we will spend eternity praising the Lord.

When we see the delights He has prepared for us, I’m sure it will be spontaneous praise bubbling from intense gratitude.

It is exhilarating to imagine the kinds of unparalleled detail and otherworldly design the same Creator who has already given us snowflakes, starlight, sunsets, sea life, sunshine and so much more here on earth will have saved for those who love Him to enjoy for all eternity.

That heavenly glory will be infinitely beyond what we can comprehend now but I still love to think about it and dream of what it’ll be like.

I know even the best possible scenes I can imagine are such a pale comparison to the reality there. For example, the Bible doesn’t say much about animals in Heaven.

I like to imagine there’ll be lots there but it really doesn’t matter what I imagine because the reality will be much more beautiful than anything I dream of!

Besides the most thrilling things of all – spending eternity with our Savior and meeting our loved ones again – here’s four random things we’ll love about Heaven:

We won’t say good bye to pets. Ever. But it will be so much better than that. Will we have an entire covey of all of our favorite pets there with us?

All the Belles, Coconuts, Fufus, Barts, and Marshmallows of our lives? And all the prancing ponies and the black stallions and the palamino mares that little girls want but aren’t allowed? And the best puppy friends, soft bunnies, gentle calves, frolicking lambs, little fawns, and baby animals of all kinds?

We won’t have bad dreams; our children will never have nightmares. But it will be so much better than that.

We’ll never have stories or magazines to avoid reading. We’ll never have fear or worry of any kind. We’ll never be tired, never wish to drop into bed. There will be no shadowy darkness, no monsters, no scary bumps in the night.

I wonder if Heaven will be like one long Christmas party with all our favorite friends and family.

Everyone relaxed and unhurried, at ease and enjoying each other’s company to the fullest; banquets of food and we never get full or do dishes; opening one shiny present after another and they never end and each one just gets better.

And… we’ll never use the bathroom! (This is one I never thought of until my daughter asked about it! We’ll have new bodies and I’m sure we’ll have no need of washrooms!)

But it will be so much better than that. We’ll never worry about too many calories, too much sugar, not enough protein, too many carbs, or junk food. 

We won’t ever worry about drinking enough water or too much pop, juice, coffee or sweet tea. We won’t even think about too much candy and not enough broccoli.

I wonder if Heaven will be filled with food, all the best steaks and the most amazing salads and decadent side dishes we’ve ever imagined, more delicious and artfully arranged than we can comprehend?

I hope there is. .. I hope the hungry on earth have one long heavenly feast.

I imagine sugar and chocolate in the most exquisite and delectable forms; a place where we never are hungry or thirsty: our mouths don’t water over forbidden food but instead we eat for the sheer joy of delighting in the Father’s goodness.

There will be no unpleasant sounds, smells or sights. Nothing harsh, grating, deafening, tasteless, ugly, weird, or awful. Only perfection and perfection.

But it will be so much better than the mere absence of unpleasantness. I believe heaven will be an unending dazzling display of sensory delights….

Soft music carried on gentle perfumed breezes, panoramic displays of the most gorgeous flowering plants and sunrises that never fade…

The softest of feathers beneath our feet, awe-inspiring singing with unnumbered harmonious voices blending in perfection…

Vivid and pastel hues undulating in stunning detail throughout an ethereal landscape, sparkling jewels on each petal and leaf surrounding resplendent mansions…

Streets of gold, skies of glitter and star scapes we can touch and hold…

A glorious mingling of delectable flavors, exotic fragrances wafting over magnificent vistas, the flutters of gossamer wings dancing over sun-dappled retreats…

Pure radiant light from the Creator of all life, love and beauty, and the thrilling wonder of being in the presence of the One who gave us life.

Imagine the exquisite joy and adoration that will make us sing praises to our Creator with abandon for all of eternity.

I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

And I thank the God that makes His children bow before Him in reverence simply with the death of one white kitty and the innocent questions of one of His little daughters.


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