Christmas · cultivating gratitude

100 Christmas Thanks

 1.  Jesus and the Christmas story
 2. My amazing hubby
 3. My precious daughter
 4. My sweet son
 5. Sunsets
 6. Fresh snow
 7. Cozy winter evenings
 8. Beautiful Christmas songs like Away In a Manger, Silent Night and O Come All Ye Faithful
 9. Peace… in my heart, in my home, in my family, in my country
10. Family Christmas (and other) traditions
11. Christmas holidays… time off regular work
12. Finishing the Christmas shopping
13. Wrapping the last gift
14. Star light on snow
15. Full moon nights
16. Waking up to a world of hoar frost 
17. Bird song even in December
18. The sound of snow crunching under foot on a crisp, clear day
19. Rushing out into the biting wind to retrieve something from the car and then hurrying back into a cozy warm house
20. Candle light and tea and a good book
21. Laptop computers that don’t crash and have good batteries
22. Wifi and cordless printers
23. Smart phones and smart apps
24. People who are smarter than I am
25. The worldwide web
26. Our grandparents and their faith and values
27. A wonderful, healthy family
28. Parents/grandparents near by
29. Lots of cousins and loud family gatherings
30. Quality toys, the ones that last forever like blocks and legos and doll clothes and high heeled shoes
31. A small house that cleans up quick
32. New windows that don’t rattle or ice over in winter
33. Mouse traps
34. A husband who kills spiders (and empties mouse traps) whenever needed
35. A son who kills bugs and puts them in the garbage when ever needed
36. A daughter who encourages me to fold laundry and loves to help
37. New clothes
38. Seamstresses who sew for me. (Worth their weight in gold.)
39. Steady income and enough money to pay bills and keep us clothed and fed and even buy extras – a luxury we take for granted too often
40. Paying customers
41. Beautiful kitchens with lots of detail
42. Dreams about a beautiful kitchen with lots of detail
43. The invention of paper and pens
44. My Bible Friends story books
45. Classic children’s books, Little Bear and Frances stories, James Herriott and Beatrix Potter books and so many more
46. Public libraries and almost endless book selection – such a privilege
47. Flowers: perennial, annual, artificial, garden and florist.
48. Our cats… Fufu, Marshmallow and the late Coconut (and Morton)
49.  Animals in general
50. Our faithful watch dog Kenya
51. Favorite authors
52. A dishwasher
53. Comfortable beds
54. Friends for all situations: to laugh with, to joke with, to cry with, to celebrate with, to mourn with
55. Budding artists
56. Easily accessible knowledge and that we can always learn something new
57. Shopping malls
58. Bath tubs and hot, running water
59. Fresh bread
60. Sugar and all its forms (minus the obvious health concerns involved with it)
61. A free and beautiful country
62. The ability to read and write
63. Health of mind and body
64. The invention of kleenex, toilet paper and paper towel
65. Catalogues
66. China, glass and other beautiful dishes
67. Casseroles and one-dish meals, especially for ease of preparation
68. Plenty of food and a lot of just plain delicious food (often eaten away from home)
69. Dictionaries and Google
70. Cookbooks
71. The free wisdom from our parents
72. Out-of-the-box people and creative persons who inspire us
73. Good neighbors
74. The prairies: wide sky, big country, beautiful fields, song of meadowlarks, spring thaw, the return of robins, flocks of geese, everything that says “home” to us.
75. The gift of travel and seeing new worlds
76. Meeting people from other cultures and walks of life
77. Long distance friendships that never expire
78. Long talks with good friends
79. Organization, boxes, drawers, closets, files, computers, lists, garbage bags
80. Antiques and family heirlooms
81. Greenery and house plants that thrive on neglect
82. Furniture that’s perfect for lounging and accommodates children and pets well even if it’s mismatched or homely 
83. Hospitals, health care, medical professionals, medication, helicopters, ambulances, first responders, access to anything we need
84. A community who helps in time of need
85. Our church home and family
86. Listening to my son learn to talk
87. Watching my daughter grow up healthy and happy
88. The fun of seeing my children’s personalities emerge and dreaming of all they’ll become in their lifetime
89. Plans for the future and new dreams to dream
90. My husband’s returning health
91. True love never grows old; it gets better with age
92. Date nights and friends who take turns babysitting
93. My Bible, favorite verses and people who share great ideas and tips that enhance devotional time and clarify my understanding of God and all of Christian life
94. A meaningful relationship with the Creator of the universe
95. All the favorite people in my life
96. Wonderful memories from my childhood, youth and throughout the past
97. Mentors and heroes
98. The gift of today
99. A new chance each morning
100. A hope of heaven 

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