Meet Jan


I’m Jan, wife to my wonderful husband of fifteen years and mom to three of the sweetest children I’ve ever met! 🙂
This blog is where I share the stories that are part of my journey to better understand the mission that true motherhood is.


This is the place where I write to find and show beauty and meaning in the most mundane of motherhood moments.

It’s the place I come to discover and share how God meets us where we’re at, even (especially) in the difficult moments of our motherhood journeys and how He longs to bring us comfort and show us love instead of heaping greater guilt and longer to-do lists on our already aching backs.

I’m working on becoming a homemaker extraordinaire and despite the fact that homemaking and motherhood were never technically on my wish list, I’m finding it to be the most fulfilling career I could imagine.

As in all the heart-melting moments more than make up for the tantrums, cat hair, rice-littered floors, sticky hands and obnoxiously loud toys that are currently part of my life.

If you popped in at my house today, you’d be likely to find two rambunctious chilluns jumping on and off the couch, a few piles collecting on the table (and other surfaces) and the latest art work drying beside it.

Perhaps we’d chat about our busy lives (the kind where we’re always busy but just not sure what we actually did), trying to keep a semblance of normal conversation going while extracting weapons from toddlers and laughing at the sheer craziness of kids.

Maybe we’d trade stories of our childrens’ latest accomplishments and commiserate together over those times when motherhood felt too hard or too boring and also share the joy of times when motherhood was a delight that far exceeded our fondest dreams.

As you read the stories I share here, please know that I don’t write because I’ve attained perfection.

I write because I’m so NOT perfect: not perfect but so blessed.

I’m the mom who thought she never wanted children and the one whom God chose to bless outrageously with three delightful children in spite of what I thought I wanted (or didn’t want).

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll find encouragement here and also share some of your own. 🙂