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What You Have In Common With Your Husband’s Grandma

If you, like me, have taken your husband’s surname upon marriage it may have already occurred to you fellow mothers that someday you too could bear the same name as both your mother-in-law and your husband’s paternal grandmother.

Not to mention that of his grandfather’s mother and a lineup of generations preceding them as well. (Did you follow that?!)

It’s a funny thing, this title-sharing.

My children call my hubby’s mom Grandma Regehr. (Pronounced Re-GEAR in case you had a burning curiosity or simply a terrible memory! I always hate it when I read someone’s name online and can’t figure out to pronounce it. I feel so ignorant.) 😉

We also call his dad’s mom Grandma Regehr.  It can get a bit confusing at times but that’s how it is.

Of course your grandmothers past and present may not all go by the name of “Grandma (surname)” but stay with me here.

Sometimes it occurs to me that I’ll probably (hopefully) be the next Grandma Regehr of the future. It’s true, my children aren’t even in school yet so I might be jumping the gun a bit but I think it’s okay to time-travel for now!

It also occurs to me that my father-in-law had a Grandma Regehr of his own (are you confused yet?!).

These four women, myself included for illustration purposes, all share the same title of Grandma Regehr. They are completely unrelated except through marriage yet they share this unique bond. This mother/daughter-in-law thing.

The two women I know who currently go by this name are so different one from another.

When I think of myself alongside them it makes me smile because we are such uniquely different people although we do share similarities too, of course.

It makes me wonder: what were the Grandma Regehrs of the past like?

What traditions did they have?
What were their personalities like?
What were their little idiosyncrasies?
What were they known for?
What did their family love most about them?
What was important to them?
What influenced them most?
What legacy did they leave?

With those questions naturally comes these questions:

What traditions do/will I have?
What is my personality like?
What are my little idiosyncrasies?
What will I be known for?
What does my family love most about me?
What is important to me?
What influences me most?
What legacy will I leave?

I’m honored to join a succession of God-fearing women who did their best to raise their families.

And I hope and pray that I’ll leave a wonderful legacy of my own behind should I ever have the privilege of being Grandma Regehr.

What are some favorite legacies or traditions from your family? I’d love to hear!

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