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We Are Wealthy! (A True Confession)

I don’t believe I’ve ever gone around with my nose in the air because I felt that we were simply too well-to-do to associate with others. Until now. (Ha, keep reading!)

Certainly I knew we have always had unlimited wealth in comparison to most folks in third world countries and a substantial amount of low income people in our own country. Yet along side our peers and in the scope of general age bracket percentages, I am confident that we aren’t pushing the top income category by any means! 🙂

Usually I feel fairly content with our worldly possessions on a day to day basis. As in, I would LOVE a new couch, some really cute decor pieces for fun, a pair of new shoes and if I was really rich, unlimited funds for books and children’s clothes, etc.! (Haha)

Truth is though when I look around my house I find there’s a lot of things in it I really like – furniture, decor, people! I also like the majority of my dishes and my family’s clothing, even some of the food. We certainly don’t suffer from want of any kind. (Oh, except for that couch. Just kidding.) So, basically, I’m content. Mostly. Right? 🙂

Anyway, today I had an “aha” moment out in my muddy garden, pulling some second-hand toys out of my old garden shed with the creaky door.

I discovered that we are practically SWIMMING in wealth. I mean, seriously. We’ve been married almost, almost ten years (this June!), which in itself is noteworthy since that is a very, very long time.

Back to our wealth, though: on one hand, it should be expected that we’d have accumulated a lot of wealth by now. On the other hand, however, it catches a person by surprise.

Especially if that person is one who still lives in the trailer home they first started out in and who doesn’t always get the phone bill paid on time because the paycheck is running late.

This is not the type of person who expects to walk through mud in their rubber boots on a fine spring day and discover their amazing over-abundance right there in the middle of a soggy, pre-planting-season-garden.

But the truth is, it happened to me.  See, I’ve always felt like if I hadn’t squandered away so many pennies on cheese, second-hand books, Hallmark cards, gifts on sale, grapes that weren’t on sale, cheap sweaters, stamp set splurges, Christmas extravaganzas and so on, we would be millionaires by now. Well okay, that’s a bit extreme. Maybe we’d just be, you know, owners of a nice couch set or something. Which obviously is a completely valid thought. One I should’ve pursued more ten years ago or so.

But I didn’t. So we don’t have the couch. So I just thought we were maybe average to lower income folks, right?

But today when I was pulling out all those second-hand toys, it just hit me, “Like hey! Ten years ago you were glad because the previous owners left a rake here. That was about it for your yard tools.” Today that garden shed is full. Chock full of things I haven’t really thought about in the last six months.

So if I have hundreds or thousands of dollars’ worth of seasonal things spread in and around my home and yard, could I actually be considered wealthy?! What must the value be on all our non-seasonal goods?

It wasn’t really earth-shattering, this little revelation. But it made me look at things differently. It made me realize something I hadn’t quite realized before.

Perhaps I haven’t frittered away all our money. Even if we don’t have a new couch.

What I’m seeing now is that over the past ten years we’ve had our needs supplied in abundance. And while I strongly advocate budgeting and keeping track of even the little pennies that seem so inconsequential, it’s awesome to discover that sometimes, right in the middle of ordinary living, we’re far wealthier, far more blessed, than I ever imagined possible. Even if I have occasionally bought too much cheese, too many cheap sweaters and too many expensive grapes.

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