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Home Perks

I’ve written a lot about my home, mostly in an effort to practice a deeper gratitude for it. The last few days I’ve been thinking about my home again but on a much different level than I usually do.

I’m thinking about what I’d really MISS about this home specifically when and if we move into another one.

You see, we’ve always planned to build a new house someday. We’ve always considered this little trailer home to be our “temporary” place, even after ten years! (Woah, that’s a long time for a temporary home, isn’t it?!) We’ve drawn up tons of plans and had lots of fun over the years perfecting them and dreaming of what we’d like.

Recently we had a sudden, unexpected shift in the game plan when Kev came across an ad for an old Eatons home. Since then we’ve become enthused about the idea of relocating the home to our land and then renovating it.

As the house is old, a lot of changes and upgrades would be required but Kev and I love it for the same reasons: it has beautiful and original 1930s Douglas fir trim nearly everywhere as well as fir flooring and it boasts a lot of small house charm and character that is widely lacking in most modern houses. Also, we are both so tired of working to come up with the “perfect” house plan (we’re both perfectionists!) and of waiting indefinitely for more living space.

Change, even good change, always brings adjustments however and I’m notoriously terrible at making adjustments gracefully.

As we discuss the possibility of purchasing this house, a beautiful old home full of character, I am suddenly brought up short as I consider all the perks our current home has that a new one may not.

It’s a latching on tightly to the familiar before we must say goodbye; the sense of impending change and a certain dread of making adjustments, even good ones.

I am reminded of a dream I once had where I was standing in the small, dark laundry room of the new home we had just moved to. It was a surreal feeling to know we had finally moved from this old trailer but there we were–in a dark, tight little house.

And if there’s something I highly dislike, its dark, tight little houses; they feel claustrophobic to me!

All this has reminded me in great clarity that our current home – small, old trailer that it is – has some wonderful perks that I would miss tremendously.

At the top of the list is big windows and lots of windows! I’ve always been so grateful for so much natural light… but I’m embarrassed to admit how much consternation those windows have caused too! Cleaning double-pain windows, dealing with iced over windows, leaky windows, rattley windows – you name it, we had it all before we replaced them with new ones this past year. Putting window plastic over them in winter was a dreaded chore. The sun beat mercilessly in throughout the hot summer days, making our home practically a sauna on the warmest days.

Put me in a dark clammy house though and I’d take our big ol’ foggy, icy, rattley windows in a heartbeat! 🙂

Another thing I’ve come to appreciate about our home – and this has come as a surprise! – is how much our home now feels like “me”!

Ten years of learning, experimenting and trying different looks has finally resulted in a much more polished and cohesive look that, while far from perfect, is something I do find beauty and joy in and I’d be sad to say good bye to it!

There’s other things I’d miss too but those two simple things are a reminder to me to cherish the here and now.

Lesson learned belatedly: look at what you have instead of what you have not!

What does your home boast? What are your favorite parts about your home? What would you miss the most if you moved?

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