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Thank You for Our Home

Because complaining is easy, gratitude is not my natural state of mind, and complimenting the ones we love does not happen often enough, I chose to write the following letter.

An open letter to my dear husband:

As you know,  I’ve been reading the inspiring book The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful and it’s all about choosing to love the home you’re in. Just like we can choose to love the skin we’re in, perfect or not, we can also choose to love the home we’re in, along with all it’s imperfections.

I like to think that I really am content, that I do love my home and that you know it. But I’m a little afraid that while I may make things sound pretty good to my friends, you are the one who gets the brunt of my discontented moments. Forgive me for that, if you can.

I want to change that. I want you to know that I am truly GRATEFUL for such an amazing home to live in. I want to thank you for providing so well for us. We have immeasurably more than we could possibly need. Our needs are not merely being met, they are being exceeded in dramatic fashion every single day.

And none of this would be possible without you. Without your constant, selfless giving day after weary day of work, when the bills are piling up, when there are more financial questions than answers, and when there is more work but not more money.

You have provided a safe haven for our family. We are sheltered not only from the natural elements that sometimes threaten to overwhelm us but from the evils that are so prevalent in our world today.

You have provided for every single one of our basic needs. Think about it for a minute. We sometimes forget that these things count because we aren’t personally acquainted with many, if any, folks who don’t enjoy these essentials. The truth is, there are far too many dear people who do not have the bare necessities. We do.

You have provided an abundance of luxuries and comforts on top of all those necessities. So many people the world around have never experienced anything half as luxurious as we do in our most ordinary day to day existence and then to realize we so often think of these blessings as merely ordinary…

You have provided the means to surround ourselves with beauty. It’s true that we would hardly call each item in our home beautiful but it is also true that many of the items in our home are things we find beauty in and things which bring us pleasure. Without your hard-earned money and your thoughtful consideration, ideas and encouragement of my aesthetic interests, our home would truly be a much less lovely place!

You have provided all these things and so much more. Thanks to you, we have a place to call our very own, a place to laugh and dream. A home in which to raise our children the way we feel we should, a little “nest” to “feather” how we like. A space that welcomes us and invites us to be our truest selves. A home in the best kind of way… one that fosters love, welcomes others and shelters family.

I am so deeply grateful for this and today I’m telling you so. Thank you a hundred times for giving us a perfect home to live and love in, my dear and wonderful husband!

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