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Deli Rolls and Menu Upgrades

Wednesday morning I baked “deli rolls” in the morning and made something new for supper. New as in new to us.

The deli rolls were simply buns shaped into… well… submarine, UFO, oblong, giant egg and other shapes. Honestly they were so funny… I wish I had photos of them because they really made me laugh and you would certainly have laughed yourselves sick.

I used a recipe from my new Taste of Home book for Herbed Dinner Rolls or something of the sort; they were basic buns with an added poppyseed/onion/garlic topping. The supper menu I was planning called for Deli rolls and since nothing I saw in the grocery store inspired me I decided to make my own.

I didn’t take time to research the topic and was in a big hurry when I made them so when it came time to shape the deli rolls I was faced with the obvious question: how do you shape deli rolls? (If you know, please tell me!!)

I’ll spare you the details of what I actually did but suffice it to say it was done at top speed! The side benefit of these unusually odd-shaped buns was that they tasted pretty good. Why is it that something like that seems so funny when you serve it at home and so socially unacceptable when you think of bringing it to a potluck, say? 😉

Besides the deli rolls we had cabbage salad, applesauce and “drip beef”, a recipe from my Pioneer Woman cookbook, selected in an effort to upgrade the Regehr Household menu plan.

I have felt an increasingly urgent need to find higher quality food to serve my family. There’s something about ten years or so of eating home-cooked “fast food” that lends itself to a feeling of nausea when you think of cooking – and especially eating – those same foods even one more time. So as part of a desperate and valiant effort to increase the palatability (i.e. the ability to consume) of the foods I make, I selected enough main courses that I thought would seem reasonably exciting to cover meals for six weeks and made a grocery list from the first week’s menus.

Drip beef was the first new recipe on the list and included a number of new, special ingredients namely chuck roast and a jar of peperoncinis. As you can tell this was a desperate gesture because I didn’t particularly remember having heard of peperoncinis before and certainly had no idea what they tasted like or where they would be found in the grocery store. I did locate them though alongside olives and other things I don’t buy.

Anyway, turns out the recipe was a whopping good success in terms of taste. (Price and economy-wise, not so much, though I had thought the chuck roast was on sale…) Pumpkin absolutely loved it and Kev and I thought it was a hit as well.

As to the menu revamping, there’s no telling where this could lead us. It could take us right back to cheap, McDonalds-level foods or bring us up a notch closer to gourmet high-end restaurant fare. There’s just no telling is there!

(Oh by the way, don’t count on me to stay on any organized plan too long though or you’re going to be setting yourself up for disappointment. Just saying.)

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