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Peace at Home

The Sunday school lesson for next Sunday poses a question that goes a little like this: Jesus used metaphors about wolves and lambs to describe peace. What are some things you would use to describe peace in today’s world?

As I was thinking about it today, my first thoughts were of the situation around me at the time, maybe because it was anything but peaceful!

I would describe it like this: the time is 11:35 a.m. I am sitting at the computer trying to work on a few projects (or trying to decide which of many to work on) and not really getting much done because of outside distractions caused by a toddler and mental distractions caused by too much to do and not enough time or focus to accomplish it. Not to mention I am very short on sleep.

I’m thinking of a hundred things I should be doing, another ten I’d like to be doing and feeling guilty that I’m not spending more time with my children.

Then the phone rings. It’s my sister and we chat about a few things. Meanwhile, my two-year-old is testing the limits by using her ‘secret weapon’, a word she knows is off-limits and will bring unpleasant consequences for her. Then when I told her not to do something, she hit me, something she knows she isn’t allowed to do.

Peace was beginning to seem like a more and more unattainable attribute for the day, especially when my four-month-old son woke up early from a nap for no reason that I knew. I took note of the time as I continued to talk on the phone a bit longer.

Noon was rapidly approaching and I thought ‘so much for eating dinner early so Miss M can have an early nap after her all-too-short night’. My hair still wasn’t done either and it looked like it would be one of those days where it simply never did get taken care of. I had no idea what to make for dinner and in minutes Kev would be in.

Peace… it was rather elusive for me right then but after dinner eventually got on the table and after the children were both napping I sighed a quick prayer for peace and wisdom.

It was hard to focus on prayer because of all the things running through my mind constantly. And yet God answered my prayer.

The rest of the day went so much better. There were still so many things to do. Naps weren’t nearly as long as I’d hoped, there was much to be done, so many projects needing attention, the laundry piles were high and still unfolded, supper again was running late when Kev got in, etc.

But the big difference was in this mama; she was a lot more peaceful even though the circumstances hadn’t changed much!

That to me is an example of peace in this day we live in. I’m so thankful God cares about the ‘little’ things in our lives: Little Things that add up to make the Big Moments.

He cares enough to take care of that constant nagging mommy guilt and He gives me eyes to see the times when I listen to my daughter’s animated comments to me and when I share her enthusiasm about a teddy bear’s accomplishments.

He cares enough to help me get my priorities in line and help the projects fall into place accordingly.

Patience for small troubles and tummy aches, and wisdom to be consistent with discipline are restored, supper gets on the table faster than anticipated and life is good…

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